Shaking Up Beliefs And Coming Out Stronger

Some people will totally get where I’m coming from on this exhausted ramble. Some may be horrified. Read it through anyway.

I am a cross over trainer. I grew up reading traditional dog training books since they were the only ones at the library and I’m fairly certain I read every dog, horse and rabbit book there!

As I got older I continued to expand on what I learned from those texts, as well as taking various training classes over the years. Etta led me to positive training and all in all I never looked back.

Well, not never.

When times get rough we all resort to what we “know”. Yesterday was admittedly rough with Rious and made me question everything I thought I knew to my core. I questioned, I brooded, I doubted, I thought about going back to what I “knew before”.

Then I stopped, looked at my dog and said no. I know *THIS* works.

And today I went out and redoubled my efforts and put a big old check in the relationship box.

I have pushed my brain to the maximum this weekend about all of the ups and the downs and kept saying to myself “What is the lesson in this test”. After much deliberation and soul searching I think I know.

Etta taught me to love positive training. Rious taught me to believe in it.

Every journey has tests and every test should challenge your beliefs. It will either make them stronger or show you something new. I was shaken to the core and I came out a better trainer for it and one more step removed from the “cross over” end of the spectrum. And I am pretty damn pleased with that lesson. The dogs are our teachers as soon as we are ready to be the students and every dog has something to teach us.

Not only that, it has given me an even bigger reminder about where my students may be coming from when they venture away from their lessons when times get tough. If I even considered it knowing all I know and having done all I’ve done, how can someone essentially new to this get through it??? They need as much redoubling of my efforts as the dogs do, if not more.

Ultimately I have to say “Thank you Rious for being my best boy even when I almost forgot to be the best mom!!!!”

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