Catching up and competing!


have been so busy in recent months and terribly neglectful of my blog!  Well, here goes a few brags!

For 2013 Rious ended up being nationally ranked in the WRCO as the number 6 puppy in his division!!!!  He would have ended up higher but I ended up bumping him up to Level One for his last run of 2013, not even thinking about rankings!  In addition to that incredible honor he earned his Puppy title with an Award of Excellence, meaning his first three scores needed to title were all over 190 (out of 200 with a perfect score being 210 with a bonus).  Ultimately I think of his 11 or 12 runs only his first two were under 200.  We have managed a 208 but still chasing that elusive 210!!.  He is just an awesome dog to trial!  His ending official 2013 title was RLPX2!

The 2014 trials for us begin in 4 weeks where we look to complete his Level 1 title and begin his Level 2 which is off leash!

We have also begun agility classes which he absolutely loves!  I am blown away every single week watching just how naturally he approaches the obstacles.  At one point we were making it a bit harder for him because we were working on drive and that is one thing Rious has PLENTY of!

Last session he had a bit of a panic attack when the dog walk made a very quiet metallic noise and it ever so slightly wiggled.  As a tiny puppy he crashed into a metal stepladder, which fell on him and did hurt him (not severely, but enough to make him limp for a few minutes).  Ever since then things that wiggle and make metal sounds are really hard for him.  I spent some extra time after class having fun with the dog walk and this week he totally OWNED IT!  It was awesome, he was so confident and kept going to it by himself!

Later we introduced the weave poles using a shaping exercise.  I love watching Rious absorb shaping exercises.  He loves it when his brain is solving a puzzle!  He got it right away and from that point on just did it!  He really is so much FUN!!!

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