Long Time Since Last Update!

Shame on me! I can’t believe it has been almost four months since I’ve written something here!

We have had a few more competitions since my last entry. Rious has done really well in all of them. He has taken first or second place in every class, and every score has been over 200, with several 208s! He achieved his RLP (Rally Level Puppy) at his first show and even earned a title of excellence because his first three scores were over 190! He went on the get his RLPX (Rally Level Puppy Excellent) at his next show. We have one or two more shows left this year, and fingers crossed he will end the year with his RLPX1. It all comes down to number of qualifying scores beyond the title earned. Then next year he will debut at Level 1!

All in all Rious has continued to grow up to be a handsome and smart dog. He is hovering around 50 pounds right now, he is glossy and the biggest character! In recent weeks he is looking much less puppy and much more dog!

He is testing out a few teenager behaviors these days, like seeing if he can army crawl around the room when he is supposed to be on a down stay! I think his theory is “Well, I’m still down!”. Stinker! We were calling him a Ninja the other night because he would stealthily make his way around without making a sound!

But overall I can not complain about the funny, loving dog I have!

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