He Continues To Amaze Me!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this dog!!! We went to Rally class today and after our first run through the teacher and other students actually gave us a standing ovation, said our run was perfect and they could not believe the intensity of his workability at only six months old!

It felt pretty good but I was working and focusing on him so much in the moment that I really did not notice it all until it was over. But yeah, we were totally connected and just “on”!

Not to mention the fact that my almost four year old daughter tagged along to “help” today… Lol, help distract maybe! They were amazed by how well he could focus on me with her doing her thing around us.

The only piece I really want to focus on this week is getting a straight “front”. He has gotten so good at swinging into heel position that his fronts are twisting to the left. I think that should be relatively manageable.

With only two weeks until our first competition, today was a very motivating and exciting event!

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