Beginning Heelwork

Tonight I managed to get outside with Rious for about 15 minutes of Heel work. He started out ok but by the end he was clearly getting it!

I started just walking around the driveway and going back to basics of click and feed for position by my side. He started out about 18″ away. By the end he was right up against me.

I began to add in straight sits by my side. He tends to want to swing his butt wide. By the end he was nice and straight.

I also played around with changing position from heel to front and back. His fronts tend to be slightly crooked to my left so we focused on coming in nice and straight.

Last I was playing with some pivots and having Rious find heel by himself. By the end he seemed to really like that one and was leaping into position!

When the session was over he really wanted to keep going. He followed me around much of the rest of the night and clearly wanted more! I look forward to bringing him to classes this week for continued practice!

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